Earth Friendly Art

Caring for the Earth in my own creative way!

Sustainably Made Art created from Found Objects.

Celebrating Ordinary, Repurposed Materials.

New Beginnings For Repurposed and Forgotten Items.

*A special message to you as we cope with this global pandemic... I hope my art can be a happy diversion and offer a little brevity right now. Sending you and your family my love. Be well.šŸ’š xo Deane

A little bit about me.

Visit Other Collections Here. I hope to creatively empower you and give you confidence and hope that you can have a fresh start and a new beginning too.

Flower Collages

If you like Flowers, you will love these whimsical, Environmentally Friendly Mixed Media pieces. 

This delightful collection celebrates color and texture and most pieces have been handcrafted from salvaged wood. Found Object Material such as wire, metal, nails, cans and bottle caps enhance every composition by adding depth and dimension. 

The liveliness of these mixed media pieces is heightened by my  deliberate and bold use of color. I am always inspired by vivid colors and hopes that they will uplift the viewer. 

Commissioned pieces are always welcomed and I will gladly work with you to design something uniquely special for your home. 

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Beach and Coastal Themed Art

This colorful collection captures the bright, vibrant colors often found in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Bold acrylics paired with repurposed materials such as salvaged wood, wire and metal scraps create an exciting marriage of industry and art. Whether you are a beach lover or not, you will find something to love in this collection and find yourself longing for a day at the beach.

Commissions are always welcome, especially if you would like me to capture your own beach memory. 

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Bird Art

Who doesn't love Birds?! The brightness of these pieces is their hallmark, but texture is just important thanks to the Found Objects creatively reused. 

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Fruits and Vegetables

This collection will make you love your Fruits and Vegetables. Lively and lighthearted, Pears, Peas, Carrots, Strawberries, Mushrooms and Bananas come to life in these Mixed Media creations. 

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Guitars and Banjos

This collection is for all the music lovers out there. Whether you are a Rock Star or not, these Guitars and Banjos will make you feel like the King (or Queen) of Rock and Roll.

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This playful collection honors the wonderful memories of summer camp. For those who have experienced the joy, the friendships and the positive influence camp provides, these pieces will strike a chord. 

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Hearts can be made of anything and can be found anywhere. They can be created from the most ordinary items like wood, paper, metal and wire. As long as there are HEARTS, there will always be LOVE! 

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Celebrating the most ordinary items

By giving ordinary items artistic relevance, I bring out the best in these things and celebrates their flaws and imperfections as their greatest features. The rusted, street worn items used are constant reminders that even the most imperfect things have value.  I hope my Art will encourage others to embrace and celebrate their own imperfections and shortcomings and see them as beautiful, unique qualities that make them who they are! 

I love special orders and would love to work with you!

Please feel free to contact me at Iā€™d love to hear from you!

I want to use my creative gifts to uplift and inspire others. Each piece serves as a reminder of hope and new beginnings. It gives me so much joy to share my art with others. 

Blog posts

Rejection Is Really Just A Detour, Not The End Of The Road!

Rejection Is Really Just A Detour, Not The End Of The Road!

Rejection is an unavoidable, universal experience. The key to it is how I react when it happens. If I can resolve myself to keeping the big picture in mind, I will view rejection as a resourceful accessory to discovering my true path and not let it distract me from my genuine mission.
Monday is Trash Day

Monday is Trash Day

Around here, Monday is trash day. Monday is also my internal trash day, when I tend to be hardest on myself and give myself the least amount of self love. One antidote to this negative mindset is making art. Getting paint all over my hands, feeling the rough metal and holding the street worn nails; it's a connection to these materials that pulls me out of the Monday Blues and back to a reality that is rich with blessings. My paints, paint brushes and Found Objects pull me back to a happy place where self satisfaction and self love exist, free of anxiety and self doubt.
Finding Goodness in Found Objects

Finding Goodness in Found Objects

Although the fragmented, rusted materials I create with may apprear worthless and insignificant, they are a symbol of faith and hope and are an incentive to find goodness and celebrate new beginnings."