My Art Celebrates Color in a Fun Way!

I want to capture Happiness and Joy in each piece!

I love creating Art That Makes You Smile.

I love spreading Kindness and Love through my Art!

A little bit about me.

Enjoy My Other Fun Collections Here. I hope these pieces make you smile!

Christmas 2020

Christmas can be both a stressful and a delightful time of year. Shopping for the perfect gift can be hard and time consuming. It is my hope that these colorful, hand crafted items will make wonderful presents for both your friends and family. And as the gift giver, you will feel great pride and joy sharing them with your recipients.

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Flower Collages

If you like Flowers, you will love these whimsical, Environmentally Friendly Mixed Media pieces. 

This delightful collection celebrates color and texture and most pieces have been handcrafted from salvaged wood. Found Object Material such as wire, metal, nails, cans and bottle caps enhance every composition by adding depth and dimension. 

The liveliness of these mixed media pieces is heightened by my  deliberate and bold use of color. I am always inspired by vivid colors and hopes that they will uplift the viewer. 

Commissioned pieces are always welcomed and I will gladly work with you to design something uniquely special for your home. 

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Beach and Coastal Themed Art

This colorful collection captures the bright, vibrant colors often found in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Bold acrylics paired with repurposed materials such as salvaged wood, wire and metal scraps create an exciting marriage of industry and art. Whether you are a beach lover or not, you will find something to love in this collection and find yourself longing for a day at the beach.

Commissions are always welcome, especially if you would like me to capture your own beach memory. 

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Bird Art

Who doesn't love Birds?! The brightness of these pieces is their hallmark, but texture is just important thanks to the Found Objects creatively reused. 

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Fruits and Vegetables

This collection will make you love your Fruits and Vegetables. Lively and lighthearted, Pears, Peas, Carrots, Strawberries, Mushrooms and Bananas come to life in these Mixed Media creations. 

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Guitars and Banjos

This collection is for all the music lovers out there. Whether you are a Rock Star or not, these Guitars and Banjos will make you feel like the King (or Queen) of Rock and Roll.

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This playful collection honors the wonderful memories of summer camp. For those who have experienced the joy, the friendships and the positive influence camp provides, these pieces will strike a chord. 

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Hearts can be made of anything and can be found anywhere. They can be created from the most ordinary items like wood, paper, metal and wire. As long as there are HEARTS, there will always be LOVE! 

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Wearable Art

Surrounding yourself with colorful art is easier than you think. These colorful 100% cotton t-shirts have been created from a line of paintings and prints I recently created to celebrate love, community and togetherness. They make wonderful gifts and some shirts come in both Ladies and Men styles. They provide a daily dose of happiness and joy. You can never have too many t-shirts. It's my special way of sending you a long distance hug! 

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Home for the Holidays has a new meaning this year

Home for the Holidays has a new meaning this year

Home for the holidays has an entirely new meaning this year. As we are forced to cut back on our Thanksgiving celebrations, this doesn't mean we should cut back on being kind, compassionate and patient. The need to feel loved and appreciated is something we all desire especially right now. Let’s go big with our goodwill and order up a large portion of hope and love to go along with our other dishes.  And if you need a second helping of something, may it be joy and thankfulness. 


Bidding Goodbye To The Summer! Many lessons were learned this summer as our world grappled with a pandemic and wide spread racial injustice. New heroes and new SHEroes emerged as well.

Bidding Goodbye To The Summer of 2020 and Lessons Learned

The Summer of 2020 taught me to reach deeper and also stretch wider and further to be a better person. I learned to smile with my actions and my words since my actual smile was covered by a mask. I learned than an ordinary day is a gift and that there are always additional ways to give more than I receive. Success used to be measured by how many pieces of art I sold and how much money I made at art shows. It now means making the best out of every situation and every day, no matter how bad it is. My role models have become those who continue to give of themselves; specifically offering their compassion and their kindness to others. When I was tempted to shut down and withdraw, seeing the selflessness of others raised me up. Covid is still very contagious but so is generosity and goodness. 

Covid Is Still Very Contagious, But So Is Kindness.

Covid Is Still Very Contagious, But So Is Kindness.

My wish is that my art will be a small part of the solution. I used to focus on caring for the earth with each piece created. I now find it more important to expand this mission and focus more directly on spreading care, kindness, and compassion to others through my art. With so much loss, uncertainty, political and social unrest on top of pandemic fueled isolation, it is no wonder there is such a sense of unhappiness all around. It is an honor if I can use this platform and my art to encourage and promote more cheer and more joy. I hope this quote resonates with you as much as it does with me. "We are not on this world to see through one another, but to see one another through." (Gloria Vanderbilt)