About Her Process

From walking the streets of Charleston, to strolling the beautiful Lowcountry beaches, Deane is constantly searching for interesting materials to creatively reuse and repurpose. Her mission is to remove as many harmful items from her surroundings as she can locate in hopes of keeping them out of the landfills and the many waterways around Charleston. Nails, metal scraps, nuts, bolts, washers, screws, old cans, bottle caps, pull tabs, wire and broken coat hangers are just a few of the things she finds on a regular basis. Once she has reclaimed them, she takes them back to her studio where they are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected in very hot water and Simple Green, an EcoFriendly cleaning solution. They are then air dried for days before being given a new life through art. Deane enjoys the great satisfaction of helping to keep Charleston clean and green with every scrap she picks up!