Fish Art


Made from vibrant paper collage, broken wire, coat hangers, bottle caps, nails, pull tabs and metal, these pieces are up cycled perfection. The contrast between the colorful paper collage and the rough, rusted materials is balance of industry and art.

There is much perfection in broken pieces, especially when joined with other broken items. Their interaction with one another is accomplished through detailed layering in a graphic and interesting medley. The beauty and creativity of twisted and fragmented materials is reflected in the wholeness that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Every scrap of material was useless on its own. The twisted nails, broken metal parts and old pull tabs display an individual weak roughness, but when paired with other fragmented pieces, they convey strength. When damaged, disconnected and incomplete things come together in an eclectic way, a distinct plainness becomes a raw and rare form of beauty.

Who would have thought a pull tab or a bottle cap could be repurposed as a fish gill? Or broken coat hangers serve as the outline of the fish? The bright colors were chosen with much care to empower these discarded objects into taking on a new creative existence and purpose. Deane hopes to challenge viewers to see if they can locate various found objects and gain new appreciation for their artistic purpose. By creating sustainable art like this Fish, Deane is doing her part in creatively caring for the Environment by striving to take yesterday's trash and turn it into today's art.

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