Guitars and Banjos


This collection is for all the music lovers out there. Whether you are a rock star or not, these Guitars and Banjos will make you feel like the King (or Queen) of Rock and Roll! 

And each instrument plays the sweetest sound....which is the sound of silence! 

Created from salvaged wood and either covered in paper collage or hand painted, each Guitar and Banjo is one of a kind. Colorful and lively, there is more to each piece than just a pretty finish. Embellished and accented with Found Objects such as metal, wire, screws, pull tabs, tire balancers, lug nuts and nails, the layers of detail are an added delight. 

The Guitar and Banjo strings are repurposed coat hanger wire and provide a rich texture and a handsome contrast to the vibrant colors. Broken twigs outline each piece and heighten the design by adding a rustic, folksy finish. 

Special orders are welcomed and size and finish can be customized. Sentimental items such as guitar picks, pictures, keys and hinges are just a few things that can be incorporated into a custom piece. If a Ukele is preferred instead of a Guitar, that can also be arranged. 

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