The Together While Apart Art Project

The Together While Apart Art Project


On a whim, I imagined a large art project to foster community and encourage hope and healing and I made it happen! I was able to recruit 18 diverse artists from 8 different states thanks to social media. These men and women represented both coasts and were extremely excited to use their creative gifts to help. My hope was that through working on the project, each artist would find joy and our collective joys would provide comfort to a broader audience. 

Bidding Goodbye To The Summer of 2020 and Lessons Learned

Bidding Goodbye To The Summer! Many lessons were learned this summer as our world grappled with a pandemic and wide spread racial injustice. New heroes and new SHEroes emerged as well.

The Summer of 2020 taught me to reach deeper and also stretch wider and further to be a better person. I learned to smile with my actions and my words since my actual smile was covered by a mask. I learned than an ordinary day is a gift and that there are always additional ways to give more than I receive. Success used to be measured by how many pieces of art I sold and how much money I made at art shows. It now means making the best out of every situation and every day, no matter how bad it is. My role models have become those who continue to give of themselves; specifically offering their compassion and their kindness to others. When I was tempted to shut down and withdraw, seeing the selflessness of others raised me up. Covid is still very contagious but so is generosity and goodness.