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"Kaleidoscope" is one of eight from the "Distractions" series. 

Distractions is a new series of mixed media paintings. All 8 paintings were painted during the time I normally watch the nightly news. Ever since the pandemic, I don’t like to watch the news. I’m at a point where I don’t want to hear about all the violent things happening in our world. Instead, I pick up a paintbrush, pour some colors out on a paper plate, and let myself be pleasantly "distracted." Panting gives me a sense of peace, and I am able to balance my mind, body and spirit. Working with so many pretty, happy colors calms my nervous system. It allows me to process things instead of feeling sick, depressed and anxious as a result of watching the news. Painting and creating this series appropriately appropriately named "Distractions" have given me my smile back.


This 6” x 6” painting is one of a kind and one from a series of eight in this collection. Made from acrylics and ink as well as a few found objects rescued from the streets of Charleston.

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