North Lake Summit Road

North Lake Summit Road

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Handpainted on and framed in salvaged wood, this piece celebrates family time by the Lake. To give the Clouds and the Mountains greater definition, dimension and texture, plastic bags have been incorporated into the painting. Broken bits of Wood have been used to create a Forest of Pine Trees. 

The liviness of this painting is heightened by the deliberate use of vibrant colors. Broken Twigs frame this piece and provide rich, rustic balance to the majestic Mountains and Clouds. 

As an Eco Friendly and Environmentally Responsible Artist, Deane purposefully reuses plastic bags that she reclaimed from the local beaches of Charleston, South Carolina. As someone who frequently witnesses the damage plastic bags do to marine life, Deane finds a creative way to dispose of these harmful items.

Dimensions: 16" x 8" x 1"