What I Learned From A Little Bird; Share Your Gifts

As 2020 rolls on and Spring turns into Summer, I continue to feel confused and conflicted as to how to navigate this crazy time we are collectively experiencing. One thing I have grappled with lately is whether it is appropriate to be sharing my art. Am I being thoughtless to do so as our world changes minute by minute and the news constantly focuses on lock downs, lay offs, losses and racial disparities? There is so much suffering out there; does it trivialize this pain and unrest to exhibit my creative designs? 

Finding positive, healthy ways to cope are vital. I make myself turn off the television because I can only handle so much. My daily diet of depressing news has caused me to develop a lethargy fueled by grief. There is a fine line between staying informed and being over saturated with world news. One thing I have found great comfort in is Nature. Lately, each morning I have been waking up to the sweet sounds of a Carolina Wren singing outside my bedroom window. It is the happiest, purest sound and almost makes me forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. To that little bird, all she knows is her song. It is what is in her heart and she is expressing joy in a new day. Birds and other animals don't have the complex set of human emotions to over analyze things.  

I want to be more like this Carolina Wren. I want to question less and express simple delight and gratitude more. I am feeding off the little bird's positive energy. I am grateful for her reminder of the bigger picture; what a wonderful world we have right outside our windows.  The bird helps me recognize something I don't see on my own; that we are given a new "present" each day. Her daily arrival reminds me of the divine source that links us together. I realize I need to change my mindset if I am going to function. The joy heard in that bird's song reminds me to aspire to be the best version of myself. I seem to have fallen into a pattern of being the worst version of myself as a result of my lethargy, sadness, isolation and worry. 

It is uplifting, heart warming and comforting to witness and experience someone else's happiness. With this in mind, I believe I am doing something positive for others by sharing my colorful and creative art. It is my way of showing up in the world and my way of sending a "cheerful chirp" just like that Wren does for me each morning. A long as I have been an artist, one of my primary missions has been to uplift others with my creations. If there is ever a time to offer some optimism and some artwork that celebrates second chances and new beginnings, it is right now.  I hope that by sharing my artistic gifts, it will help others bear the frustration, isolation and fear that we continue to experience. Although socially distancing is still important, we can come together on social media to support one another and bridge the loneliness. One constant we have in this crisis is each other. The only thing we can control is our feelings. We can be taken down by our outlook or be uplifted by it; only we can decide which direction to go. Making art gives me contentment and peace right now, especially working on pieces that provide an imaginative and heartfelt message of hope and  transformation. When I feel more positive, I am so much more likely to act lovingly towards others instead of lashing out at them due to my own frustration. Bringing a little levity and light into people's lives is my intention. By sharing my creative joy,  I am singing a song of color and happiness. I hope it’s contagious! "Tweet tweet!"