the fresh stART art project

With summer coming to an end, children going back to school and the Covid crisis dragging on, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The world feels more unsettled each day. It is easy to feel stuck and fearful of what tomorrow might bring. I am determined to find a healthy alternative to counteract this stress. Developing more appreciation for the present and eagerly anticipating the future is highly desirable and sorely needed.

As a response to the unrest, I have created a new art project that is a diversion from the worrying, the hurrying and the rushing that is so prevalent. The fresh stART art project is an enjoyable way to focus on finding healthy, constructive ways to weather this gloomy period. It is an opportunity to give participants the time to imagine what a fresh start could be. Wouldn't it be exciting to explore the areas of life that have been ignored or haven't been uncovered yet? To intentionally make a difference while also gaining new insight into all the possibilities? Instead of letting the unpredictability restrict or control us, let's concentrate on the very things that light us up and give our lives meaning. By changing our mindsets and thinking about the next chapters, we will see ourselves in new ways, capable of doing great things. 

One of the goals of this project is to create one large piece of artwork together from afar. Our theme centers around fresh starts, new beginnings and/or second chances. The group artwork will be a visual narrative of this groups' collective ideas about fresh starts. The final collaboration will become public artwork that is donated to a deserving non-profit or medical facility. It will serve as a reminder to live in the present with gratitude and purpose. It will also celebrate how we might move forward in alignment with our best selves regardless of the circumstances.

Twenty-three female creatives from over 10 states make up this group. The participants have a willingness to be curious and to try new things. They also want to find a way to uplift and inspire others, especially those in medical communities who may be facing a variety of uncertainties. 

This is the 2nd large group art project I have organized. I had great success with the first one, a sister project called The Together While Apart Art Project. You can find out more about it on Instagram@TogetherWhileApartArtProject or

The fresh stART project is our way of doing something exciting and meaningful for the world and for ourselves. We are creating something substantial and long lasting that will encourage and give back to others! Covid has dampened our spirits and tried to squash our dreams. Getting joy back into our daily lives will help us flourish so we can make our own little corners of the world brighter, more cheerful and more promising. 

Stay tuned for updates and for the finished collaboration. You may follow our progress on Instagram@thefreshstartartproject.