Opening The Front Door To A New Year

Happy 2022! Now that the holidays are behind us and the holiday wreath is removed from our front door, give that door a closer look. See it from a brand new perspective and delight in the many ways it provides comfort, safety, security and even creativity and inspiration. Our front doors provide us with the first glimpse of a new day and a consistent welcome home every night. It stands between us and the outside world. 

Years ago when I created my small Folk Art houses, designing the door of each piece would always be the first step in building these sculptures. I crafted a variety of doors from repurposed metal, salvaged wood or tin and they would determine the character and style of each house. These doors anchored every piece and provided a rich foundation for constructing the rest of the sculpture. They all conveyed their own unique message about warm welcomes and fresh stARTs. 

Much like the doors in these mixed media compositions, we have metaphoric front doors in our lives that set the tone. We can also be front doors ourselves. Doors provide both a solid base and a starting point, as well as a foundation of strength. Doors can quickly and easily be swung open or slowly unlatched. The image of a strong, sturdy door might inspire us to be braver, as well as more welcoming and open to others. 

Fresh stARTs and second chances happen when we open a door to something new. We can envision ourselves as front doors and reflect on all the diverse qualities our doors might have. Doors provide comfort, security and protection when needed. Yet they can also promote hospitality when thrown wide open. Are there any new doors we can open in 2022?

Throughout history, doors have been used to symbolize transitions. They have also been referred to as the threshold between life and death, the past and the future. In literature, open doors are equated with hope, new beginnings and new opportunities. In reverse, closed doors express the need for privacy, introspection and the desire to be shut off from the world.   

Like each of us, there is so much more to a door than what a first glance reveals. When we have doubts, we can allow the symbolism of our doors to motivate and empower us. We can't ever lock ourselves out of these symbolic doors because it is an opening to our unique super powers. 

Kindness, joy and confidence can open closed doors. Leave excuses, limiting beliefs and fear outside the front door. When we take the initial step to open doors, our paths forward will be just on the other side of them. Should we get lost or question our worth, our doors will be open to guide us back to our North Stars.

Observe front doors from a fresh perspective this new year. Doors are wonderful catalysts for making fresh stARTs. 

❤️ Deane