Home for the Holidays has a new meaning this year


Home for the holidays has an entirely new meaning this year. As we are forced to cut back on our Thanksgiving celebrations, this doesn't mean we should cut back on being kind, compassionate and patient. The need to feel loved and appreciated is something we all desire especially right now. Let’s go big with our goodwill and order up a large portion of hope and love to go along with our other dishes.  And if you need a second helping of something, may it be joy and thankfulness. 

And as you make new routines and traditions this Thanksgiving, offer your help and support in new ways. 

Wrap yourself up in self kindness and then pass this warmth along to someone you know. COVID is still contagious, but so is kindness. We each have our own unique ways to be nice so get creative with it! Drop a kindness bomb (aka a compliment) on someone who least expects it. Never underestimate the power of being friendly to others. Let it be your super power going forward into the holidays. Your generous spirit has the ability to change someone's day for the better. I love so many things Maya Angelou said but this is by far my favorite. 

Times are hard but we must not let them harden us. Give yourself a pat on the back for all you have gone through the last 7 months. And as the late great Maya Angelou always said "People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

Sending big love to you along with an extra portion of kindness. May you enjoy a sense of peace and love each and every day. And as my dear friend Ann Ryan used to say, take gentle care of yourself first. 

Listen and enjoy this short video I made. It celebrates the many ways I have gotten created with kindness and love through my artwork. One of my daughters said it was so soothing. Here's to kindness and love!