Creatively Celebrating Hope

Happy March! Spring is finally on the way! For the past week, I have enjoyed leaving the doors to my studio open so I can enjoy the warmer weather and the morning sunshine. Hearing the birds chirp louder and seeing new daffodils popping up gives me Hope and joy in the new day.

To me, Spring is the season of Hope. Spring celebrates resiliency after a long cold Winter. Spring feels especially hopeful this year because we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, which felt like a year long Winter. 

 This month, I am creatively celebrating Hope with a series of pieces focusing on rebirth and new beginnings. A blank canvas, a new sketch book, clean paint brushes and freshly poured paint encourage abundant possibilities.  

 These pieces are my artistic expressions of Hope. I am especially inspired by daffodils and birds since they are the first signs of Spring. Daffodils symbolize new growth and Birds symbolize Love and Peace. Hope sprouts up just like the daffodils do. Hope heals just like a bird’s beautiful song does. 

Hope is the joy and color that I put into each composition. These pieces are more than just physical goods. They reflect the gifts of my inspiration, my imagination and my faith. The creative process feels very hope-affirming. Vibrant shades of purples, greens, yellows, blues and pinks I use reflect the colors of Spring. 

Speaking of Hope, it comes in many forms and in unexpected ways. I am so grateful to have witnessed both of my parents receiving their two Covid vaccines. This experience was so much more than a shot in their arms. It was a moment of gratitude and a tangible reminder of possibilities. 

As the days grow longer, I find myself relishing the daylight. Hope feels warm and bright like sunshine and reminds me to stand taller, climb higher, reach wider and always be kinder. Hope tiptoes in every morning, gently whispering that it will be ok. Hope never whines or sulks like anxiety. Hope turns me in the direction of love, courage, and optimism. Hope is a hallelujah as well as an amen! Hope, as well as Love are essential and are the simplest and most true gifts of all. Even in times of doubt, fear and uncertainty, they are present.

As you experience Spring's arrival, what gives you Hope? Do you have a beautiful path you follow to achieve this?  My daily intention is to choose Hope and Love and let everything flow from these two forces. I wish you peace, joy and happiness. Have a Hopeful day today and every day!

Happy Spring!