Covid Is Still Very Contagious, But So Is Kindness.

2020 has been filled with so many hurricanes, both literally and figuratively. We have each been upended by something this year. And we are definitely not the same people we were this time last year.

With all the weight of our current events, it is so easy to lose patience with someone right now. However, I realize we are each carrying our own individual sadness and stress. What we need to do is redirect this impatience and realize that the people who cut us off in traffic or keep us waiting too long, are just doing the best they can.

If you have come through your own storm lately, I encourage you to reach out to someone who might still be in theirs. We are living in such trying times and we need all the connections and support we can find. I know we are each on our own path, going in many different directions and located in many different places. But I hope we can remind one another to remain steady, strong, courteous, and caring.

 My wish is that my art will be a small part of the solution. I used to focus on caring for the earth with each piece created. I now find it more important to expand this mission and focus more directly on spreading care, kindness, and compassion to others through my art. With so much loss, uncertainty, political and social unrest on top of pandemic fueled isolation, it is no wonder there is such a sense of unhappiness all around. It is an honor if I can use this platform and my art to encourage and promote more cheer and more joy.

Be well and go out into your little part of the world and spread a little happiness. For you never know what the person standing next to you or on that Zoom call with you is going through.

I hope this quote resonates with you as much as it does with me. "We are not on this world to see through one another, but to see one another through." (Gloria Vanderbilt)


Deane ❤️